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The application "Game" can't be opened.

I purchased the game at $5 yet none of the Mac versions open for me. It gives the above quote.

macOS Catalina 10.15.4

Hello, try again several time, mac need to recognize the application.

Still won't open.

Are you still charging for the stuff from 78 days ago???? It would seem so.

The .5.4 link still shows .4.4. Can you fix the file download?

I'm sorry, I cannot change the name of the file once it has been uploaded, but only the one shown.

I assume this is a typo


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Hello there. This must be a joke !! I bought the whole bundle, AND NONE OF THE MAC VERSIONS COULDN'T EVEN LAUNCH !!!

Is there any issue under Catalina ?

Mac sometimes doesn't recognize the software. It is necessary authorize them to be lunch.


And how do you that, as MacOS just refuses software, no authorize button or else ???

u play as male character or female character ?

Female character

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So I came across your game on mobile from fapnation its only to v 2.1 will there be any updates to android?

Hello there miss, first of, I wanna thank you for your time, developing the game. it is really good.

However I seriously recommend you to create more challenges and be a little helpful about hints. I've been playing it for 3 days straight but still stuck with (Find a Petal from Rose). I don't know how I'd solve this. I reach everyone, plus try to Help the Customers, but nothing will change. Tuttavia, grazie per tutto. Lots of love from Argentina. (: 

I'm on 0.5.1 and need to "Meet Emily", but every time I go to the school, she doesn't appear. 

Have you speak with Nathan first?

I downloaded the Game and I started.. but after the intro nothing seems to happen.. I see the first achievement is to contact an ad agency but I can`t seem to find out how to.. I can`t find a phone and can`t seem to click on and interact with anyone or any object.. are these still under development ?

Hello, no, these things are not under development. Phone is on the desk in Amy's room. You can jump between the room and speak with other characters, try to solve also other achievements.

ok.. I`ll give it another go.. thanks

The Phone on Amy`s desk only has voice mail.. I can`t call the ad agency with it  00


how to install the mac version?

Dopo che ho diffuso l aroma cosa devo fare? Devo accumulare tanti soldi per andare avanti?

Concentrati sulla risoluzione degli achievement, quando hai completato quelli, hai completato tutto il gioco e devi aspettare il nuovo rilascio, solitamente due aggiornamenti al mese.

this game really needs some sort of hint system or something to indicate where new dialogue is available. or at least if you are not doing any of those, the dialogue should better indicate or hint at what to do next. Cuz I shouldn't have to waste a week in game time trying to find where the next thing i need to do is. The art looks good and the game has promise, but Ima have to drop this until those major issues are solved. I saw on a different site some dude broke down this problem all the way back in april.

The things to do and people to talk to you can look at the achievements screen. You must follow the list to understand which way to go to carry out the game.

Dove devo diffondere l'aroma di rosa? Grazie


nella living room, su un mobiletto

Hi Amy. Great content and images. How to increase Sybil’s lust? 

I have not yet been able to see anything in the CCTV on the sauna. I tried every night of the week after talking to Antoine

Hi, thank you. In the current version Sybil increases her lust having sex with William in the sauna.

Hello Amy,

Thanks very much for the response! In 0.47 I have never seen William in the Sauna, and despite clicking the camera morning noon and night, it never shows me anything (it just remains a small icon). 

I believe you have to come up with another event by far comparing William in the sauna.

Hmm, thanks.. still stuck. Have tried talking to him and sybil all different ways too. He seems to be near her when she is in the jaccuzi sometimes but she just floats and doesn't chat there. tried taking the rose petal instead of just asking him for more serum but all it does is slow the process. Even got over 10 house lust once... maybe can try that again ?

Ok - with the 0.46 desktop version it works sort of. If I view the cam, and William is there, I can click him, and stuff works. If I click anywhere else it goes black and I need to right click my way out.

If I click at any time besides midnight, it goes black and right click does not work, i have to kill the game.

But I got it working. Now if only there was a downloadable 0.47... 

How do you earn money?  I did not see anything in the brief tutorial.

working at the outdoor restaurant, spreading the essence of rose, helping customers in the evening in the office, shooting birds and other things that I don't remember.

Okay but I have done a lot of those and it has increased my weekly income by $7 .  At that rate it will be a year before I could get the car out of the pool.  Your game is interesting but I think it is a bit too grinding.  The income needs to be fixed IMO to make the game fun to play as it is extremely frustrating to have to to a number of things to gain a whole dollar. Don't the current residents of the hotel pay anything? Maybe some tasks, such as helping customers, could provide more than $1 or working at the external restaurant.  At the current rate of income I don't see how you will be able to do all of the things that need to be corrected.  For example, Harem Hotel, has a fairly decent income schedule.

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