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Enjoying this game is kinda hard and that's why:

  • It's not very clear if a click would work: sometimes you need a long click and sometimes you need a short click on items
  • Sometimes the games freezes in your room and the only thing you can do is open the menu. How to fix this?

leisure yacht is broke,will not give achievment for Cum in callys mouth and take pills again wont plat through,sticks at allison giving blowjob.cant finisn chapter

Game is a bit laggy, and slightly buggy. Trying to go to the pool just gives a black screen.

Settings do not want to change.  

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This seems very similar to another Game on this site with the same name.. what`s going on ?

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it's the same game, we're about to make a single brand called "drunk robot"

ahh cool.. no worries.. best of luck with the future :)

Thank you, we will add also other game.


Once you get past the first scene, nothing works